I'm Tabitha.

— Perching precariously in Prague

I am an endlessly curious person. This is what fuels me to seek out tough problems and unconventional methods. Starting from Singapore, I've followed my curiosity to Berlin, London, India and Sweden, where I've worked on a range of projects, from helping street stall vendors with basic digital promotion skills to creative consulting for global tech and fashion giants.

Currently, I am a UX researcher at Singapore Press Holdings. My job is to set out to better understand our 2.2 million users, who connect with our content in 4 languages.


My approach to user experience blends my background in creative strategy, communications and research with the Design Double Diamond, to seek and decode tough problems while driving sustainable product growth.

I bring insights to life with compelling storytelling, synthesising both quantitative and qualitative data to join the dots between user problems and business needs - thus making each product experience more meaningful.

Culture fit

🏕️ Hiking, camping
‍🏝️ Solo-travel
📚 Sci-fi lover trying to read more non-fiction
🎾 Tennis
🏺 Pottery beginner

Guiding principles

Keep it real
- Build tangible things, which solve real problems
- If things get confusing, go back to basics
- Be transparent
Keep an open mind
- Ask for feedback constantly
- Share whenever possible
- Borrow whenever possible; credit the people who have helped me
Be a part of
- Collaborate with users and co-workers
- Practice inclusivity and accessibility
Be proud
- Create work I'm proud of
- Be a good example for others

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